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Funding programme and call:
ERANet-LAC 3rd Multi-Thematic Joint Call 2017/2018 involving Research
Infrastructures / Topic:
Energy #1:Ocean energy: Development of Technologies for the ecological Energy Valorization
of Marine Resources within existing Large Research Infrastructures

36 months

Total budget:
1,433,770.00 €

Budget for PLOCAN:
81,000.00 €

Total funding:
899,300.00 €

Funding for PLOCAN:
25,000.00 €

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (MX)

UNAM (MX) - URU (UY) - UGR (ES) -

Laboratory testing and knowledge transfer for the development of sustainable strategies for marine energy harvesting

SUSME is a biregional cooperation Europe-Latin America focused in testing, improving and optimizing a group of technologies for marine energy harnessing. The main goal is to set he basis for increasing the scale of the devices towards their implementation in real sea conditions and prototype dimensions.

In the context of having efficient technologies; the analysis of the data derived from the tests in laboratory, will be used to design the components, subsystems, and connection to the network, in such a way that they will contribute to the reduction of the marketing gap, interest for the industry in terms of reducing maintenance and operating costs as well as the LCOE. The mutual knowledge will be channeled to continue with the development of the technologies, as well as for future cooperation, since the results will lay the foundations to take advantage of the ocean resource in different regions.