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Convocatoria en tramitación anticipada para el ejercicio 2018, de subvenciones a empresas de alta tecnología e intensivas en conocimiento en áreas prioritarias de la RIS3 (EATIC 2018)

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12 months

Total budget:

138,000.00 €

Budget for PLOCAN:

0 €

Total funding:

96,810.00 €

Funding for PLOCAN:

0 €


Unmanned Teknologies Applications S.L. (ES)



Environmental Control with Unmmaned Vessels

The proposed R&D activity consists in the realization of an innovation project related to a product oriented to the development of USVs. USVs appear as a complementary solution to manned boats, although for some applications they can be an alternative. In short, it can be said that USVs are appropriate for maritime activities that are dangerous for crews or are repetitive or those needing continuous operation. The advantages of using USVs versus manned systems for the above mentioned applications are:

  • Risk reduction for crews in hazardous situations.
  • Reduced costs by not having to ship crews.
  • Allow continuous operation only limited by available fuel.
  • Ability to operate in adverse maritime conditions.
  • Faster deployment of the boat by not carrying crew.
  • They can be deployed and operated from land or from a mother ship allowing to increase their range of action

The general objective of the ECUVE project is to develop a system based on unmanned vessels known as USV. With regard to the uses, this product is suitable for various naval applications, in particular those of repetitive type, which require a rapid intervention or which represent a risk for the crews. In particular, the specific objective of the project is to orient it to environmental surveillance and control in the marine field. Another specific objective is that the exploitation of the system will be made jointly between UTEK and PLOCAN in the facilities of the latter.