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  • Funding programme and call:
    ENVIRONMENT 2013: ONE-STAGE / FP7-ENV-2013-one-stage / ENV.2013.6.5-2 Mobilising environmental knowledge for policiy and society
  • Start date:
  • End date:
  • Duration:
    36 Months
  • Total budget:
    1.121.076,00 €
  • Budget for PLOCAN:
    99.336,00 €
  • Total funding:
    999.615,00 €
  • Funding for PLOCAN:
    88.573,00 €
  • Coordinator:
    Fundo Regional de Ciência e Tecnologia - Gobierno de Azores (PT)
  • Partners:
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Strengthen European research cooperation for smart and sustainable management of tropical and subtropical biodiversity in ORs and OCTs

NetBiome-CSA will extend and strengthen research partnerships and cooperation for smart and sustainable management of tropical and subtropical biodiversity in outermost regions (ORs) and overseas countries and territories (OCTs). This will be achieved through a participative process mobilising stakeholders, their knowledge and resources for initiatives such as policy and priority analysis, multi-stakeholder dialogues, exchange of good practices, training and issuing of recommendations..

The project builds on the existing biodiversity research partnership created through the ERA-Net project NetBiome and takes on the challenge of mobilizing further stakeholders at all levels of the quadruple helix (knowledge institutions, enterprises, government and civil society) to address perceived priority challenges in conciliating conservation and sustainable management of tropical biodiversity with the sustainable development of Europe’s regions and territories, based on the benefits from high biodiversity. The project’s activities, specifically tailored to the needs and priorities identified by the ORs and OCTs, will contribute to::

  • Improved research and innovation governance.
  • Alignment of research efforts with policy needs strengthening evidence-based policies.
  • Implementation and impact of the EU Biodiversity Strategy and CBD Strategic Plan.
  • Innovative biodiversity management tools (Biodiversity Management Toolbox).
  • Increased regional socio-economic and cultural development.
  • Enhanced international visibility of ORs and OCTs and the uptake of their good practices, expertise and knowledge.
  • Effective international and trans-regional cooperation among European ORs and OCTs and with third countries.
  • NetBiome-CSA fully addresses the topic (ENV.2013.6.5-2) and subtopic (g) of the workprogramme, as its activities will foster research partnerships to sustainably manage biodiversity in EU´s ORs and OCTs, resulting in a continuation and expansion of the NetBiome partnership.