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Funding programme and call:
Territorial Co-operation Programme INTERREG V Spain – Portugal (MAC 2014-2020) / CROSS-BORDER Co-operation: Axis 1: Promote research, technological development and innovation / PI.1 a  Improvement of the R&I infrastructures and the capacity to develop excellence in R&I and promotion of centers of competence, especially those of European interest.

 Start Date:

End Date:

36 months

Total budget:
480,013.80 €

Budget for PLOCAN:
165,373.14 €

Total funding:
408,011.74 €

Funding for PLOCAN:
140,567.17 €


(PT) - DRAM (PT) - IFCN (PT)
3os Países: BIOSAL(CV)

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Interfaces Aquáticas Interativas para Deteção e Visualização da Megafauna Marinha Atlântica e Embarcações na Macaronesia usando Marcas Radiotransmissoras

The INTERTAGUA project aims to research develop and test innovative IT technologies that allow fostering the social, economic and environmental potential of the Macaronesian oceans and coastal areas. This objective is pursued through the application of sensor, communication and monitoring technologies to enable conscious, voluntary and informed participation of citizens in collaborative scientific activities in the field of Blue Economy.
The project is distinguished by the incorporation of biodiversity and the hundreds of species that inhabit these regions or migrate to the edge of the Atlantic. It is intended to exploit the potential of the living systems themselves to use low-cost emerging technologies to monitor ecosystems. The project is based on the symbiotic relationship between cyberphysical and ecological systems, seeking to transform Macaronesia into a unique laboratory for collaboration in the fields of biodiversity, climate change, engineering and design.