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Call: H2020-SwafS-2018-1 / Topic:
SwafS-05-2018-2019: Grounding RRI
practices in research and innovation
funding and performing organisations /
Deadline Id: H2020-SwafS-2018-1

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Total budget:
1,496,468.75 €

Budget for PLOCAN:
72,187.50 €

Total funding:

Funding for PLOCAN:
72,187.50 €


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Grounding RRI practices in research performing organisations

GRRIP will embed sustainable RRI practices in 4 research performing organisations (RPO) and 1 dual function RPO and research funding organisation (RPO/RFO) (total 5 RPO&RFO) in the Marine and Maritime (M&M) sectors through Action Plans (AP) for institutional and cultural change. This will be accompanied by establishing a platform for engagement with the Quadruple Helix (QH) for each RPO&RFO, and a platform for mutual learning between the 5 RPO&RFOs and QHs. M&M is a high priority for the EU. However, the M&M is seriously exposed to the non RRI alignment between Research and Innovation (R&I), societal actors and the environment, affecting its performance and competitiveness. Objective 1: Co-develop, implement and evaluate self- tailored RRI APs to enable sustainable institutional and cultural change for the 5 M&M RPO&RFOs to embed RRI in their governance frameworks, structures and cultures. The APs will be based on a detailed audit of the RPO&RFO current RRI maturity level and the barriers identified. RRI dimensions will be incorporated into R&I. Objective 2: Establish structures to facilitate, promote and maximise real sustainable engagement with, and input from, the QH (industry, societal actors, policy and other RPO&RFOs). Objective 3: Establish indicators and methodology for impartial Monitoring, Reflection and Evaluation cycles, to ensure provision of evidence of societal, democratic, economic and scientific impacts of institutionalchanges. Objective 4: Develop a sustainable Mutual Learning process across the M&M RPO&RFOs both during the institutional and cultural change project and thereafter. Objective 5: Legacy: To enable more M&M RPO&RFOs to ground RRI practices through institutional and cultural changes by a) creating a practical user-friendly RRI AP framework template & guidelines, and b) launching a M&M RRI community. Objective 6: Examine how an RFO can positively influence and encourage an RPO towards RRI via its funding policy and interaction.