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18 months

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1,025,547.00 €

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0 €

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645,635.00 €

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Nereus Technologies (ES)



Wave+ Energy Project

This project aims to improve and demonstrate the reliability and performance of W1 wave energy converter electronics while demonstrating and validating in real sea environment grid connected to Las Palmas Harbor grid.

Lessons learned from this project can be applied by Centrale Nantes in the surrounding of SEM-REV test site (Le Croisic Peninsula and local fishing harbor such as La Turballe) and Aquatera worldwide presence in harbors around the globe.
The intention is to progress Wedge Global technology from TRL 6 through to TRL 7.

TRL 6. Since January 15 th 2014, Wedge Global has been continuously testing its W1 floating point absorber with direct drive linear generator PTO in the ocean, at PLOCAN and at Las Palmas Harbor.

TRL 7. Scope of work under WEP+ will include design, manufacturing and installation of power and control electronics for connection of W1 device to the Las Palmas Harbor grid.

The energy systems of interest in this project are grid-connected wave energy converters (WEC) that convert energy carried by waves into electricity. The project objective is to reduce the levelized cost- of-energy (LCOE) to be economically attractive in island harbors plagued by high energy costs.

The project leverages and builds upon an existing WEC design that embodies the results of nine years of development, full-scale laboratory validation tests and open-ocean tests. This development and operational experience has identified design improvements and further innovations that will result in a reduction of the cost of energy. The improvements and innovations include power electronics modifications that will enable grid connection, sensor and controller changes that will provide the basis for advance knowledge of wave characteristics and configuration changes that will increase the efficiency of wave-to-electricity conversion. The resulting WEC system will undergo rigorous testing and characterization at Las Palmas Harbor, Canary Islands.