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Asociaciones Empresariales Innovadoras

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9 months

Total budget:

99.129,00 €

Budget for PLOCAN:

10.062,00 €

Total funding:

67.377,00 €

Funding for PLOCAN:

5.031,00 €


Clúster Marítimo de Canarias (ES)



Onboard Data Analyzer

We propose a technical-economic feasibility study for the future development of a tool (software+hardware), called ODA (Onboard Data Analyser) that can analyse the data packages that reach a vessel, in order to extract the flat or pure data arriving to send it to the different systems or applications that require it. If the flat data include malware, this will remain in ODA, preventing it from passing into the rest of the on-board network and it will emulate a state as if the vessel has been infected in order to stop new attacks being sent.

The complexity, criticality and peculiarities of on-board systems makes it necessary to conduct an in-depth study that will allow us to determine the feasibility of ODA by establishing the following specifications for its development: scope, technical, financial and human resources necessary, development times. The possibilities of the ODA project being viable are very high, but do require an exhaustive technical and financial feasibility analysis to develop it afterwards. This is a totally innovative project aligned with the Connected Industry 4.0 strategy focused on cyber-security and integrating OT/IT systems in the maritime sector.

There is currently no ODA tool on the market and, should it be feasible, it represents a major technological challenge in the areas of communications and data processing and hybridisation between the physical and digital worlds. ODA is aligned with the European Commission’s Blue Growth Communication offering support for sustainable growth in the marine-maritime sectors of the EU that acknowledges the importance of the seas and oceans as driving forces of the European economy because of the enormous potential they have for innovation and growth, and throughout the region, with the Canary Island Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3), which envisages the blue economy as one of the priorities for the region for the period 2014-2020 due to the strengths of this sector of activity and the socio-economic and environmental conditions of the Canary Islands to promote sea-related activities in this and other regions of the EU Atlantic, such as the elaboration of this proposal.

This project has received funding from the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (MINECO) within the program to support Innovative Business Associations (AEI) to contribute to improve the competitiveness of Spanish industry.