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  • Funding programme and call:
    Territorial Co-operation Programme INTERREG V A Spain – Portugal (MAC 2014-2020) / CROSS-BORDER Co-operation: Axis 5. Improvement of the institutional capacity and efficiency of public administration / PI. 11.a Improvement of the institutional capacity of public authorities and stakeholders and the efficiency of public administration through the use of measures to strengthen the institutional capacity and efficiency of public administrations and of public services associated with the implementation of the ERDF.
  • Start date:
  • End date:
  • Duration:
    36 Months
  • Total budget:
    632.938,27 €
  • Budget for PLOCAN:
    191.500,00 €
  • Total funding:
    537.997,53 €
  • Funding for PLOCAN:
    162.775,00 €
  • Coordinator:
  • Partners:
    ACIISI (ES) - ITC (ES) - PLOCAN (ES) - ARDITI (PT) - FRCT (PT). 3os Países: NOSI (CV). Otros: DRCT (PT)
  • Project website:

Interregional Co-operation for the Intelligent Growth of the MAC Regions

RIS3_Net will develop a strategy for institutional co-operation and a system of common governance, aimed at those institutions responsible for the planning, execution and follow-up of the intelligent specialisation strategies in the MAC regions, taking into consideration its possible extension to other countries. RIS3_Net will enable:

  • An increase in common knowledge of the RIS3 strategies of the participating regions.
  • The sharing of needs, difficulties and challenges affecting the MAC regions, related to the revision, execution and follow-up of intelligent specialisation strategies.
  • The creation of a governance that will permit a common work framework to be established.
  • The exchange of knowledge and best practices with regards to R&D and innovation policies and information systems for the follow-up and evaluation of the strategy.
  • The development of pilot actions in the form of “Proofs of Concept”.