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  • Funding programme and call:
    ERA-NET COFUND H2020 / DemoWind ERA-NET Cofund Action / Joint Call 2015. Topic: Offshore Wind, Topic 2 - Floating offshore turbines
  • Start date:
  • End date:
  • Duration:
    36 Months
  • Total budget:
    1.420.760,00 €
  • Budget for PLOCAN:
    40.200,00 €
  • Total funding:
    758.000,00 €
  • Funding for PLOCAN:
    40.200,00 €
  • Coordinator:
  • Partners:
    EnerOcean (ES) - Ingeteam Service (ES) - Ghenova Ingeniería S.L. (ES) - Tension Tech International LTD (UK)

Wind Integrated Platform for 10+ MW Power per Foundation

The project WIP 10+, “Wind integrated platform for 10+ MW power per foundation” will demonstrate at sea and at significant scale a fully integrated offshore wind floating platform Wind2Power that holds a couple twin wind turbines of up to 6 MW each, and that it is also able to host additional functions due to its size.

The objectives of the innovation are:

  • To provide a floating foundation for high installed wind capacity.
  • To optimize the O&M procedures.
  • To prove that cost reduction is possible acting both on capital and O&M costs.
  • To improve sea space management.
  • The project addresses the need for cost reduction in offshore wind by providing a light but large semisubmersible platform able to host two 5-6 MW wind turbines for a total of 10-12 MW per platform.

    Specific expected results are: validation of numerical and laboratory estimations on forces and motions, proof of engineering design including moorings and wind vanning platform concept. More comprehensive expected results are survivability of the platform through winter conditions in real sea environment, quantification of cost reduction compared to two floating wind turbines, and optimization and validation of specific installation, operation and maintenance procedures.