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  • Funding programme and call:
    Agrupaciones Empresariales Innovadoras (AEI) 2015
  • Start date:
  • End date:
  • Duration:
    4 Months
  • Total budget:
    67.730,00 €
  • Budget for PLOCAN:
    47.410,00 €
  • Total funding:
    22.363,00 €
  • Funding for PLOCAN:
    15.654,00 €
  • Coordinator:
    Asociación Cluster Marítimo de Canarias (ES)
  • Partners::
    Asociación Cluster Marítimo de Canarias (ES) - PLOCAN (ES) - Sensorlab SL (ES)

Spectrophotometric pH sensors integration in autonomous unmanned vehicles (Gliders)

The project deals with the adaptation of the SP200 family of spectrophotometric pH sensors to be installed and operated in unmanned autonomous vehicles, both surface and underwater. Spectrophotometric pH sensors developed by Sensorlab SL are devices of high accuracy, designed for measuring pH in open waters during several months without calibration or maintenance. Their main use is monitoring the evolution of climate change.

The proposed solution is integrating pH sensors in unmanned autonomous vehicles, allowing frequent campaigns and lowering the cost compared to traditional oceanographic campaigns.

The project has two main objectives:

  • To adapt the sensor’s technical characteristics in order to be used in autonomous vehicles.
  • To reduce the sensor’s price increasing market competitiveness and facilitating integration with other applications.
  • The new range of sensors will open new business opportunities. On the one hand, because they can be used in new applications, and on the other hand, because they will be presented to new customers through manufacturers of unmanned autonomous vehicles. Currently, there are not pH sensors integrated into autonomous vehicles on the market, therefore the project has great interest for the scientific community.