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  • Funding programme and call:
    Innpacto. Convocatoria 2010
  • Start date:
  • End date:
  • Duration:
    39 Months
  • Total budget:
    6.190.374 €
  • Budget for PLOCAN:
    1.546.205,00 €
  • Total funding:
    5.678.889,50 €
  • Funding for PLOCAN:
    1.546.205,00 €
  • Coordinator:
    Pipo Systems S.L. (ES)
  • Partners:
    Pipo Systems S.L. (ES) - FICOSA (ES) - CEIB-UPC (ES) CIRCE (ES) - PLOCAN (ES)

Innpacto Wave Energy

The main objective of the INNPACTO Wave Energy project is the development and demonstration of the usefulness of R & D projects based on PIPO Systems’ APC - PISYS technology. This will be achieved through the construction and location in a marine environment of two technological applications or exploitable products to meet existing demand. These are:

  • An autonomous device for maritime observation and surveillance (5kW prototype).
  • An energy buoy (200 kW prototype).
  • The autonomous device for maritime observation and surveillance meets the existing energy demand in autonomous devices for both oceanic and coastal observation which is a mainstream problem. The development of this device will also serve to optimize the system that will be used as a prototype and as a prelude to the construction of energy buoy. That is, one technology with two different technological applications, and both based on actual demand.